In second time’s school visiting, I learned more teaching skills from Miss Yuan and Hedy. Especially their conscientious attitudes really impressed me.  The first class, I went to teacher Yuan’s class. She taught the text about the Bermuda Triangle. In the beginning, she started with many questions. All the questions connected with the theme of Bermuda Triangle. I think, this way can arouse students’ interesting and can provide some ideas about the Bermuda Triangle. Then, she did the T/ F activity through PPT. This can help students to realize more information about the Bermuda Triangle. Besides, Miss Yuan played a short film for students. This film introduced the background of Bermuda Triangle. One scene of this film is two pilots discussing their route of landing, but they cannot find the place. They lost in the mysterious and horrible area – Bermuda Triangle. Wow…this film was so fascinated. Furthermore, she let students dialogize just like the two pilots in the film. This activity of role-play enhances the atmosphere of the classroom. It is really fun and students can learn some common expressions used in radio communication.  The second class, I went to Hedy’s class. She is a energetic teacher. The pace of her class is lively. In the beginning, she performed some body languages. She let students guess what she wanted to say. Then, she used PPT to introduce some facial expressions and gestures. The atmosphere of the class was relaxed and vivid.

The climax of school visiting was Hedy’s impromptu teaching. She used the mind map to instruct what she wanted to teach the lesson. The structure was clear. I really love her teaching style and I really pay attention to her class!


May 13’ 08  


School Visiting ^^

In the time of school visiting, we visited the Long-men junior high school.  At the beginning, we did the activity of class observation and looked around the school which was led by teacher Ben.  As we can feel he is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher through his introduction about the history of the school, the development of the school, and even the exposition under his lead to visit many places of the school.  After the visiting, we had the time about professional discussion.  There were two teachers—teacher Ben and teacher Huang—sharing their personal experiences about teaching and giving some advices for us.  It is a valuable time that we can learn some tips from the two teachers.  The last activity was the climax of that day.  We attended class as the auditors.  Wow, that is so excited.  Teacher divided us into two groups, one went to teacher Huang’s class and the other went to teacher Wu’s class.  I was the one of the group to teacher Huang’s class.  When we entered the class, teacher and students had already started their works that they checked their homework.  Some students did not do their homework and some did not bring their homework to school.  So, teacher registered their names and gave a lecturing to those students.  I thought we did not join the opening because we were a little bit late to the class.  As to the main learning activities in the class, the first one was the “discussing the homework.”  Teacher Huang corrected answers of homework and let students ask the questions.  The pattern of interaction of this activity was the way of question and answer.  This activity cost about fifteen minutes.  During this activity, teacher Huang not only explained the questions but also replenished some extra points for students.  The second one was the “vocabulary test.”  The way of test was the dictation.  When the time students reviewed the vocabularies, teacher borrowed their practicing books which were made by teacher Huang in person for us to read.  I was so touched with the design of the practicing books.  This activity was cost about 10 minutes.  The final activity was the “lecture of Lesson Four.”  Teacher Huang read the sentence first and let students repeat.  After this, students wrote the sentences.  This activity also cost 10 minutes.  But the time of the class is limit.  Teacher and students just finished a part of the vocabularies and sentence practicing.  After the bell rang, teacher Huang dismissed the class. 

The class observation is a special experience for me.  I want to give some feedback for the class observation.  Firstly, time is limit.  I think teacher seems that she does not have much time to do the opening and closure part.  Secondly, teacher Huang is so hard-working.  She makes the practicing books which can help students to take notes and easy to memorize.  Finally, the relationship between teacher and students is good and relaxed though teacher blame some students at the beginning of the class.  All I can say, I feel this time to visit Long-men junior high school is a special and excited experience for me!!  (visiting date: April 1, 2008)

Lesson plan

Lesson plan is a kind of schdual for teacher to teach.  It includes the time, content,and some activities.  Owing to control the time in the class, lesson plan is very important.


I don’t know how to write any messages on other’s blog :0 

1.I think “the communicative” will have more influence on my teaching in future.  Because I think that learning English is the way to communicate with others.  It is an important tool to talk with.  Moreover, this skill will enhance the learning pleasure…

2. I think I will choose the grammar translation and comprehensive based.  The two strategies can let students know what they need to understand. 

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